Moon Eclipses…Are You a Sky-watcher?



You might not want to get up early but it’s going to be worth it if you live in the western portion of the US or Canada. This Saturday, December 10, 2011, will be the last total lunar eclipse event for the western portion of the North and South American continents until 2014. The eclipsed moon will be lower in the east during or after twilight on the evening of the 10th for the European and African continents. Sky-watchers in Hawaii, Australia, and East Asia, lucky you will see the whole eclipse happen high in a dark sky from start to finish.

Events such as these let us know how small we are in the vast universe. It also reminds us that where you are influences greatly what you see. Just as with the eclipse, some will see it all and some will see in parts and some will not see at all. Where we are in life influences how we see events in our lives. Are these life events opportunities to learn and discover or are they problems keeping us back? See events as opportunities to learn and overcome. Be a sky-watcher and pursue your dreams.





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